oana szekely


I would say about my work, that it has a contagious light energy mix, and my style can not be “thrown” in a niche. It`s in a continuous movement towards perfection.

Considering myself the most accomplished photographer in every aspect of this beautiful art I can say: “ I am a painter that fills a canvas with colour coded emotions, feelings, and reveals the inner truth based on an brief view of the exterior. I have the freedom of creation”.

My favorite part of this whole creation process is, to be able to express each person’s vision of what they are and what they want. I am able to capture the depth of what I see. This means freedom. Freedom to find joy in every single piece of work that I do. The hard part of it is to find a way in defining myself, in such a way that the others can ‘buy into’ who I am.



Schott AG, MBition, Frische Paradies, Frauennotruf, DM, Reformhaus, Claire Fischer, Berufsgenossenschaft, Fraport, Aida, Nivea, BMVBS, Stada, Huk, AOK, Consors Bank, CWS, Deutsche Rentenversicherung, DocMoris, Fiat, Roche, Thomas Cook, etc.


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HUF Magazin, Ellements Magazin, DB mobil, Surface Magazine, VivArt, Abenteuer und Reisen, Emotion, freundin, Jolie, Living at Home, Weltbild, Horizont, Gala, Glamour, etc.


Oana Szekely

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