Professional People/ Lifestyle & Advertising PHOTOGRAPHER


Oana Szekely is a multiple award-winning photographer. She belongs to the rare category of photographer, who learn their profession as a skilled trade. If you ever get the chance to watch her at work, you won’t even doubt a second to believe, that both her love and passion belong to photography.

Ever since she was 16 Years, Oana started to get her teeth into everything that had to do with photography. During her apprenticeship, she then daily worked with large format cameras, film magazine or digital back parts. She learned, that masterful photography is dependent form the way you set the light.

Nowadays she places her focus on People, Advertising and Celebrity photography.

No mater whether she shoots in studio light or on location, Oana always has the right sense to catch the magic moment, which mirrors the mood at place.

Taking a look upon her portfolio, you will be impressed about the amount of joy her works expresses. But really striking is, to see how dedicated she exercises her aptitude.

Asked about her profession she answered: “Ever since I started with photography, my passion for this Art increased steadily. I can say for sure, that I will pursue this path until I am too weak to hold a camera. I believe that it must have been an instinct, which helped me find my way.”



  • 2008 1st Place “Photographie Beauty” Award
  • 2009 1st Place adf Shootingstarcontest
  • 2010 G+J Photoaward Categorie Lifestyle
  • 2013 second Place “Mensch und Natur” Leica